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Re: Bad Cats

From: Sandy Stone





Dear Frustrated Cat Owner,


o you come home from work or a busy day and find your house has been taken over by your cat?

You walk through your door into the living room and step in a wet smelly puddle on your carpet plus your cat has just bolted through the door on their way outside. One of the drapes from the window is laying on the floor in shreds and there are new claws marks on that new sofa.

Going past the dining table you find your once gorgeous flower arrangement tipped over and partially eaten. There is garbage all over the kitchen floor and the trash can is on the floor. To make matters worse, you go to use the bathroom and you find it decorated with toilet paper!

This is the scene alot of cat owners face when they have a cat that has bad behavior problems.

Your Life Can Be Different!

Now, imagine coming home from work and opening your front door. Your cat greets you with a meow and doesn't bolt through the door but stays by your side.

The house is quiet and everything is how you left it except for the cat litter box that now needs cleaning!

It's Not as Hard to Do as You Think!

I once came home to almost the exact scenario that I described above.

I had adopted a adult male cat from a former patient of mine that could no longer take care of him. Max had grown up doing whatever he wanted because his former owner was to ill to train and take care of him.

I knew if I wanted to keep Max I had to find a way to get him to behave. I researched cat psychology and training online and bought dozen of books and eBooks to help me. I scoured cat information websites and forums for information. None of the resources had everything I needed, so I kept detailed notes about everything I read that I thought I could use.

After two short weeks of using the information that I had learned, Max started responding to my training. I had a cat that not only was using the litter box exclusively, staying away from the trash can and using a scratching post, but was also doing a few fun cat tricks like Sit and Come.

In my research I spent a great deal of time on cat forums reading about how others where having the same problems I did, but not knowing where to turn or what to do.

I started giving advice to other frustrated cat owners and they would write me back and tell me that how my advice had changed their cat's behavior. Since I was spending an enormous amount of time giving out advice, I decided to gather the reasearch I had done and consolidate it into an eBook.

If I can take a bad-behaved cat and turn him into a loving, well-trained pussycat I figured others could also do the same. ...

Introducing the "No More Bad Cats!" eBook

This is Your Chance to Discover the Best & Fastest Ways to Train Your Cat!




No More Bad Cats!

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My eBook is packed with the latest cutting edge information on cat training and behavior, and it took over 1 year to research and compile.

I believe "No More Bad Cats" is the most complete and comprehensive book on cat training and cat behavior problems on the market today.

This eBook will walk you through cat training – every step of the way!

From training your cat to learn his/her name and come when called, to getting him/her not to scratch the furniture, this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide contains everything you need to know to train your cat to always behave, so that he or she is safe and can be trusted when you leave them alone in your home.

Here's the many things you'll discover in my eBook:

  • Why your cat acts the way he/she does – ever want to “get inside your cat’s mind”? – I’ll tell you exactly how to do it…
  • One simple but overlooked trick to motivating your cat to behave...
  • Why anxiety & stress plays such an important a role in your cat’s bad behavior...
  • How to stop your cat’s aggressive behavior immediately...
  • What to do about separation anxiety in your cat and why it leads to bad behavior...
  • How to handle the hyperactive cat...
  • WARNING: 3 things you should never do when it comes to training your cat...
  • How to get your cat to stop clawing & scratching up the furniture and no, scratching posts are not always the answer....
  • 4 proven steps to stop your cat from biting you and other people...
  • How to get your cat to use the litter box all the time – you’ll be amazed at how quick and easy this is when you follow a few simple steps…
  • Is your cat spraying everything and everyone in sight?  Here are 3 solutions to the problem…
  • 3 steps to keep your cat from jumping on counters and tables...
  • Hate those “presents” your cat leaves you? Why they do it and how to stop it…
  • Is your cat digging and/or eating your plants? How to get them to stop so you can plants and flowers in your house again...
  • What to do about cat fighting in the multi-cat household…
  • 4 strategies to keep your cat from turning over the water bowl...
  • 4 things you can do if your cat thinks that toilet paper is a toy...
  • 5 time-tested and proven strategies for keeping the peace during feeding time in the multi-cat household which means less stress and chaos…
  • 4 strategies to keep your cat out of the garbage can
  • Does your cat drive you crazy by waking you up at night? Here’s what you can do about it…
  • Excessive licking behavior and 4 simple steps to stop it...
  • What you can do to stop your cat from bolting through the door
  • What to do with excessive meowing and no, it’s not because your cat is hungry
  • How to train your cat to do some fun cat tricks like Come!, Sit!, Stay!, Heel! and many others…
  • Yes, cats can walk on a leash and how to train yours…
  • How to train your cat to use the human toilet so you don’t have to deal with cat litter boxes anymore...
  • ;
  • What is clicker training and why it might be the best way to train your cat...
  • How to travel anywhere with your cat including advice on flying with your cat…
  • How to make the dreaded visit to the vet pleasurable for both you and your cat...
  • Some important steps to take before and after introducing your cat to the new baby, spouse or roommate
  • How to keep the peace during the Holidays and not to let your cat ruin them…
  • Steps in helping your cat get along with other people, dog, children and other critters…
  • What to do and not to do with your cat when you have to move to new home
  • 3 simple keys (that are right in front of your eyes) to bonding with your cat
  • Discover some secrets of expert cat trainers and breeders that few people know about…
  • And much, much more!

I think it's plain to see that "No More Bad Cats" can help you change your cat's behavior almost immediately, but you don't just have to take my word for it...



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"Honestly, Sandy, I didn't think that I could ever get my cat to actually pee inside the litter box again but using that one technique you sent me did it"

-Kayleigh W., Greeley, CO


"No More Bad Cats!" is filled with great tips on how to have a cat that is a pleasure to have around instead of one that's a terror."

-V. Patel, Morrisville, NC


"When I decided I wanted a kitten of my own, after having dogs all my life, I didn't know the first thing about caring for a kitten. Now after reading "No More Bad Cats!" and "Owning a Cat 101'"I have all the information I need."

-Sheila Benson, Cleveland, OH

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  • How to remove cat urine odor from carpeting, concrete and even hardwood flooring
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"Owning a Cat 101"

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With this bonus you'll know the essentials about buying and owning a cat including and entire chapter on all the different cat breeds.

This is essential reading if you have never owned a cat before or are a new cat owner.

You'll discover:

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  • How to keep your cat healthy and choose the right cat food
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Here's a sneak peak into what this free bonus contains:

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Honestly...What 's All This Worth?

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-Leonardo DaVinci


Wishing you and your cat years of fun and happiness.



Sandy Stone (Fellow Cat Lover)

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